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Taking place in the month of March every year is SRM's most exuberant cultural festival, Milan, organized by the Directorate of Student Affairs. Milan started in the year 2008 and since then it has been steadily growing every year, witnessing a footfall of over 150000 students from 150+ colleges across India. This fest takes place over four days where more than a 100 events and activities are held. Being one of South India's premier college festivals, Milan sets itself apart from other fests with a plethora of events across various domains such as Dance, Music, Dramatics, Literature, Fashion, Creative Arts, Gaming and many more. With a myriad of scintillating shows such as DJ Nights, Pro Shows and Comedy Nights, Milan is a tantalising experience for individuals from multiple colleges and cultures, leaving them buzzing with energy.

The Campus Representative program of Milan ensures its consistent support from colleges around the country, playing a major factor in its growth over the years. It also works as a platform for students around India to connect with each other and work towards a common goal by concocting an action plan for events on and off campus, and following through by conducting them successfully as the chosen one to take the baton of Milan forward.

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Why Campus Representative?

Improve your Skills

There is no better way to improve your Marketing, PR and Event Management Skills than by doing.

Represent Milan

Exclusive bragging rights awarded to Campus Representatives - watch your peers frown in jealousy!

Certificate & Prizes

Get official merchandise and more. If you’re good at something, never do it for free..

Join the Core Team

Work on ideation and execution of events with the core team to keep the spirit of Milan alive.

How it Works

Campus Representatives are the face of Milan on their respective campuses, and will be assigned tasks on the portal regularly, ranging from something as simple as sharing posts on Facebook to organizing events and workshops on campus. Tasks carry points based on the efforts taken to complete them. Points will be awarded after verification of completion of the task. Collecting points is your sole objective, and more the points, higher your rank among the Campus Representatives. Your rank will determine the prizes you receive from Milan, so make sure to rack them up at every opportunity you’re presented with.

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